Prices: Net (value added tax 0%), full packages. Extra 10% is added to the prices of fittings parcels assembled separately in smaller quantities than the package size. We reserve the right to change prices if any changes occur in currency exchange rates, tax system of the country of departure/Finland or in the prices of raw materials.
Levels with fixed amounts:
Price list and delivery terms according to price quotation.
Payment terms: 14 days net, if not agreed otherwise.
Fine for delay: According to the current legislation on the fine for delay.
Delivery: In our warehouse in Lapinjärvi/Kolho (Finland), without package.
Ordering/delivery quantity:
In full packages +/- 10% of the order quantity.
Handling costs: 29 € / delivery (the cost includes packing and handling, and the pallets)
Paper Invoice: 5 €
Settlement of payments: Delivery date prices, if not agreed otherwise.
Liability: We are not responsible for possible indirect losses. We compensate for the part of defective material if defects occur in the material supplied by us.
Return of goods: Return of goods takes place only on the consent of the seller. Return form obtained from the seller must be added to the returnable goods. We compensate 80% of the settlement date price with regard to the goods returned in faultless condition, if the client has paid for all the expenses related to the return and the return form has been filled as required. The right of return is not extended to products not belonging to the warehouse programme which were ordered under special order of the client.
Transport insurance: Premium is 0.90% of the invoice total amount, if the client will not report in written form that he or she itself insures the shipments.
Force majeure clause: As defined by the International Chamber of Commerce
The price list is valid until further notice.

Orders from online store: Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy provides a user name for the client which is used for online ordering
( The client is obligated to ensure proper safekeeping of user name and prevent misuse thereof. The seller is obligated to block the user name immediately according to the client’s wish. The request for blocking the user name must be sent in written
form by email The client is liable for orders placed using the given user name even if the order was placed as a result of unauthorised use or misuse of user name and it is not a situation where the seller has delayed the blocking of user name.
Cancelling orders placed in the Internet:
If the client wishes to cancel the order of the goods, he/she must notify the seller immediately. If the seller has sent a confirmation, then the purchaser has no right to cancel the order.
Website is used on the user’s own responsibility. Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy does not ensure that the software used on the website, online applications or other services offered on the website are completely flawless or operate uninterruptedly.
Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy is not responsible for any indirect or accidental damage or damage comparable therewith which can stem from the use of this website or services named on the website.
Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy tries to forward all orders, but Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy cannot ensure the availability of any products on the website. Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy reserves the right to stop the sale of products displayed on the website on its own initiative and without notifying in advance.
Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy reserves the right to update, change and correct conditions of use and data protection practice at its own discretion and at a suitable time.
Materials and content displayed on the website are forwarded in such form without any di-
rectly or indirectly expressed guarantees, including guarantee of product marketability or guarantee of product suitability for conditions of use.
Carlo Casagrande & Co Oy does not guarantee that the data on the websites published by third persons and found via links are correct or complete.
We follow the gdpr regulations beguinning 25.05.2018
In our data programs we save information about our customers and suppliers such as com-
pany name, vat number, address, telephone and fax numbers. However also information about the companys contact persons name, email adress and telephone number. Our data also contains information such as orders, confirmations, invoices, products, pricing etc. and communication regarding the above mentioned. This information will not be forwarded to outsiders, it is only kept for normal business co - operation between our companies.